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cambridge archaeological journal 28

cambridge archaeological journal 28A revista Cambridge Archaeological Journal publicou o último número de 2018.

Com 4 publicações por ano, o número 28 do CAJ é composto por diversos artigos e recensões, alguns deles com acesso aberto.



Lista de conteúdo:

Copper-alloy Belts at Hasanlu, Iran: A Case Study in Hybridization and Heteroglossia in Material Culture
Megan Cifarelli, Manuel Castelluccia, Roberto Dan

Material Geographies of House Societies: Reconsidering Neolithic Çatalhöyük, Turkey
Ian Kuijt

The Origins of Iconic Depictions: A Falsifiable Model Derived from the Visual Science of Palaeolithic Cave Art and World Rock Art
Derek Hodgson, Paul Pettitt

Select Alternative Pasts and Colonial Engagements in the North: The Materiality and Meanings of the Pajala ‘Runestone’ (Vinsavaara Stone), Northern Sweden
Vesa-Pekka Herva, Janne Ikäheimo, Matti Enbuske, Jari Okkonen

Select Ambiguity, Ambivalence, Multiplicity: A Case Study of Late Pottery Neolithic Ceramic Assemblages from the Southern Levant
Assaf Nativ

Comparing Near Eastern Neolithic Megasites and Southwestern Pueblos: Population Size, Exceptionalism and Historical Trajectories
Wesley Bernardini, Gregson Schachner

The Social Role of Non-metal ‘Valuables’ in Late Bronze Age Britain
Joanna Brück, Alex Davies

Transformations in Representations of Gender During the Emergence of the Teotihuacan State: A Regional Case Study of Ceramic Figurines from the Basin of Mexico
Kiri Hagerman

Review Essay

Collapse and Failure in Complex Societies – Understanding Collapse: Ancient history and modern myths, by Guy D. Middleton, 2017. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; ISBN 978-1-316-60607-0 paperback £29.99; xviii+441 pp., 49 b/w illus, 16 tables – Why Did Ancient Civilizations Fail?, by Scott A.J. Johnson, 2017. New York/London: Routledge; ISBN 978-1-62958-283-2 paperback £33.99; xiii+293 pp., 31 b/w illus
Alex R. Knodell


Stone Tools in Human Evolution: Behavioral differences among technological primates, by John J. Shea, 2017. New York (NY): Cambridge University Press; ISBN 978-1-107-55493-1 paperback £22.99. 236 pp., 51 b/w figs, 26 tables
Fiona Coward

The Roman Street: Urban Life and Society in Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Rome, by Jeremy Hartnett, 2017. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; ISBN 978-1-107-10570-6 hardback £79.99. xvi+329 pp., 93 b/w & 9 col. figs, 7 tables
Cathalin Recko

Creating Material Worlds: The uses of identity in archaeology, edited by Anthony Russell, Elizabeth Pierce, Adrián Maldonado & Louisa Campbell, 2016. Oxford/Philadelphia: Oxbow Books; ISBN 978-1-78570-180-1 paperback £36, 192 pp.
Eva Mol

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