Landscapes, Histories and Societies in the Northern European Neolithic – publicação em destaque

Ano: 2014

Editado por:  Martin Furholt, Martin Hinz, Doris Mischka, Gordon Noble e Deborah Olausson

Sobre o livro:

Este livro resulta dos trabalhos apresentados em duas sessões da conferência da Associação Europeia de Arqueólogos realizada em 2011 em Olso. Os artigos presentes descrevem as investigações sobre as relações entre paisagem, história e sociedade no norte europeu neolítico.


Foreword: Landscapes, histories and societies in the northern European Neolithic

Martin Furholt
What is the Funnel Beaker Complex? Persistent troubles with an inconsistent concept


Håkon Glørsted and Lars Sundström
Hamremoen — an enclosure for the hunter-gatherers?

Jari Okkonen
The expression of monumentality among the Neolithic hunter-gatherers in Finland — Remarks on archaeology of giant’s churches

Kristian Brink
Palisaded enclosures as arenas of social and political transformation in the Late Middle Neolithic of southernmost Scandinavia

Gordon Noble and Kenneth Brophy
Construction, process, environment: altering the landscape in Neolithic lowland Scotland


Anja Behrens
The complexity of megalithic graves on the island of Rügen

Georg Schafferer
Megaliths and landscapes — Grave architecture as spatial manifestations of tradition and social identities in northern Germany

Anne Brigitte Gebauer
Meanings of Monumentalism at Lønt, Denmark

Almut Schülke
Three concepts of burying the dead — different types of megalithic monuments and their ritual and social significance

Doris Mischka
Flintbek and the absolute chronology of megalithic graves in the Funnel Beaker North Group

Kerstin Schierhold
Landscape between cultures. Westphalia between 4100 and 2700 BC

Andrzej Pelisiak
The Funnel Beaker culture: Long barrows as the landscape of the dead within the landscapes of the living

Johannes Müller, Hauke Dibbern, Franziska Hage
Non-megalithic mounds beneath megaliths: A new perspective on monumentality in North Central Europe


Marek Nowak
Identity of FBC societies in the Upper Vistula River Basin

Lars Larsson
Neolithic transformations. Relationships between society and landscape

Martin Hinz
Same but different? Neolithic economic and cultural change in northern Germany

Jan Turek
New evidence of the FBC longhouses from Central Bohemia

Åsa Berggren
A sense of place at a fen

Kristina Jennbert
The seashore — beyond monumentality. The case of Pitted Ware coastal sites in southern Sweden


Susan Hydén
Fragments of life and death — the biography of grinding and polishing stones found in long barrows at the Almhov burial site

Deborah Olausson
The “mental” in monumental. Battle Axe culture in megalithic tombs in southern Sweden

Tine Schenck
Hunter-gatherers with funnel beakers. Experimental implications for the adoption of pottery in Early Neolithic southern Norway

Agnieszka Przybył
The final stages of the Eastern Group of the Funnel Beaker complex in light of the “ceramic data”

Lars Larsson and Sven-Gunnar Broström
Stensborg — Mass destruction of axes and cereals reflecting southern contacts of the Funnel Beaker societies in southern Sweden

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