Revista Oxford Journal of Archaeology – publicação em destaque

O volume 38, nº3, de Agosto 2019, da revista Oxford Journal of Archaeology acaba de ser publicado.

Este volume é composto por cinco artigos com os seguintes títulos:

Expediting Reincarnation in the Fifth Millennium BCE: Interpreting the Chalcolithic Ossuaries of the Southern Levant
David Ilan, Yorke Rowan

Architecture and Urbanism in the Fortified Settlement of Pech Maho (Sigean, France) in the Third Century BC: A Social and Economic Perspective
Eric Gailledrat,  Maria Carme Belarte

Methods of Palaeodemography: The Case of the Iberian Oppida and Roman Cities in North‐East Spain
Alejandro G. Sinner, Cesar Carreras

Mythmakers of Maiden Castle: Breaking the Siege Mentality of an Iron Age Hillfort
Miles Russell

The use of Animals at Roman Roadside Settlements in Britain: Contextualizing some new Results from Ware, Hertfordshire
Elizabeth Wright, Sofia Tecce, Umberto Albarella

O volume pode ser consultado seguindo este link.

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