Journal of Archaeological Science, volume 116, Abril de 2020 – disponível online

Journal of archaeological science

A revista Journal of Archaeological Science, volume 102, Fevereiro de 2019, está disponível online

revista de publicação mensal, centra os seus conteúdos em artigos originais que abordem o desenvolvimento de métodos e técnicas científicas, aplicados a qualquer área da Arqueologia.

Lista de conteúdos

Construction history and timber use of the medieval settlement Nadymskiy Gorodok in the northwestern Siberian forest-tundra
Gulzar T. Omurova, Andrea Seim, Valentin V. Barinov, Oleg V. Kardash, Vladimir S. Myglan

The emergence of hunter-gatherer pottery in the Urals and West Siberia: New dating and stable isotope evidence
Henny Piezonka, Lyubov’ Kosinskaya, Ekaterina Dubovtseva, Yuri Chemyakin, … Aleksey Zykov

New evidence for the transcontinental spread of early faience
Yingzhu Wang, Thilo Rehren, Yuchen Tan, Dexin Cong, … Kunlong Chen

Re-evaluating traditional markers of stress in an archaeological sample from central California
Marin A. Pilloud, Al W. Schwitalla

Earliest record of the spinose ear tick, Otobius megnini (Dugès) (Ixodida: Argasidae), from the Paisley Caves site (Oregon, USA), with implications for prehistoric human ectoparasitism
Martin E. Adams, Dennis L. Jenkinsa

Oxygen isotope dating of oak and elm timbers from the portcullis windlass, Byward Tower, Tower of London
N.J. Loader, D. Miles, D. McCarroll, G.H.F. Young, … J.G. James

Evaluation of rapid diagnostic tests and Enzyme Linked Immunoassay in the detection of malaria in ancient human remains
Alvie Loufouma-Mbouaka, Michaela Binder, Harald Noedl, Michelle Gamble

What’s the catch? Archaeological application of rapid collagen-based species identification for Pacific Salmon
Kristine Korzow Richter, Krista McGrath, Edouard Masson-MacLean, Simon Hickinbotham, … Camilla F. Speller

A method for constructing demographic profiles in Sus scrofa using Logarithm Size Index scaling
Melinda A. Zeder, Ximena Lemoine

A model-based approach to the tempo of “collapse”: The case of Rapa Nui (Easter Island)
Robert J. DiNapoli, Timothy M. Rieth, Carl P. Lipo, Terry L. Hunt

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