Finding the Limits of the Limes – publicação em destaque

Finding the Limits of the Limes –

Modelling Demography, Economy and Transport on the Edge of the Roman Empire

Ano: 2019

Philip Verhagen ( Faculty of Humanities, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Jamie Joyce ( Faculty of Humanities, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Mark R. Groenhuijzen (Faculty of Humanities, Vrije Universiteit, AmsterdamThe Netherlands).

Sobre o livro:
Este livro resulta do trabalho de 5 anos de investigação dos editores e demonstra como foram aplicadas técnicas de modelação e de análises de redes no período romano.

Tabela de conteúdos:

Finding the Limits of the Limes: Setting the Scene
Philip Verhagen, Jamie Joyce, Mark R. Groenhuijzen

Demography and Settlement

Current Trends in Roman Demography and Empirical Approaches to the Dynamics of the Limes Populations
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Modelling the Dynamics of Demography in the Dutch Roman Limes Zone: A Revised Model
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The Economic Archaeology of Roman Economic Performance
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Modelling Agricultural Strategies in the Dutch Roman Limes via Agent-Based Modelling (ROMFARMS)
Jamie Joyce

The Economy of Laetanian Wine: A Conceptual Framework to Analyse an Intensive/Specialized Winegrowing Production System and Trade (First Century BC to Third Century AD)
Antoni Martín i Oliveras, Víctor Revilla Calvo

The Role of Forts in the Local Market System in the Lower Rhine: Towards a Method of Multiple Hypothesis Testing Through Comparative Modelling
Eli J. S. Weaverdyck

A Multi-scalar Approach to Long-Term Dynamics, Spatial Relations and Economic Networks of Roman Secondary Settlements in Italy and the Ombrone Valley System (Southern Tuscany): Towards a Model?
Stefano Bertoldi, Gabriele Castiglia, Angelo Castrorao Barba

Transport and Movement

Modelling of Pathways and Movement Networks in Archaeology: An Overview of Current Approaches
Philip Verhagen, Laure Nuninger, Mark R. Groenhuijzen

Palaeogeographic-Analysis Approaches to Transport and Settlement in the Dutch Part of the Roman Limes
Mark R. Groenhuijzen

Network Analysis to Model and Analyse Roman Transport and Mobility
Pau de Soto

Footprints and Cartwheels on a Pixel Road: On the Applicability of GIS for the Modelling of Ancient (Roman) Routes
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Rethinking Approaches for the Study of Urban Movement at Ostia
Katherine A. Crawford